Chouchouzinho 1w / 0.1w Head

Chouchouzinho is a completely hand wired guitar valve amplifier. It's a 1w version of a the highly modified 100W Marshall replica I created in 2013, Chouchou Beleza. It sounds like a mix of 70's and 80's amplifiers, but in a compact low watt package.

Chouchouzinho tones go from a slightly breaking clean sound of a plexi to a higher gain of a pushed JCM800. A voicing switch on the front panel brings in the infamous S.I.R. mod #34, better known sound from the albums of a guitar player wearing a Top Hat.

Don't be fooled by its low power and small dimensions. This amp really rocks! It can be used for practice, in a studio, or in a band configuration for rehearsals and concerts. One of the coolest features is that this little head can also be played at night in the comfort of your home when switched to 0.1W.

Whatever power output you choose, you're able to enjoy a full and dynamic tone!



Video demo

Technical Information:

-Dimensions: W 400 mm x H 180 mm x D 200 mm

-Power: 1W or 0.1W switch on rear panel

-Valves: 2x ECC83 on preamp and 1x ECC82 on power section

-Controls: Lows, Mids, Highs, Gain, Volume and voicing switch (mkii vs #34)

-Input: 1x high sensitivity guitar input

-Output: 2x speaker outputs, 1x 16ohm and 1x 8ohm

-Finish: for custom colors see 'Order and Contact'

-Handmade in France.

Contact for pricing: